1880 was the year
Our club was formed but now the end seems near So many debts through misgovernment
We have to put this all to an end
Games are being played to stay in control
The fans are the victims of it all
We sing comrades hand in hand
Now it’s time to take a stand
Players come and players go
So do the managers that run the show Only the fans are still the same
The legion will always remain
Name, number, colors, authenticity We will never betray our history
To assure the future of our club
To get the greed out of the game
Come on join forces for number one United we stand strong
For the next generation, for all the fans Together we must act as one!
To lift our club back to the glory days It’s been tried in different ways
The past ten years were really shite downhill like a crashing kite
But in our hearts we still are proud
To wake the sleeping giant is what it’s all about we have to put our differences on the side
The time is now, we can no longer hide.