I am a very confident guy
None of my friends think that I’m shy I’ve got over 300 friends
My popularity never ends
All of the girls think that I’m hot
They fall in love from my first shot
I love to tease I love to please
No way that you can make me freeze.
But in school he gets nothing said You talk to him and he turns red So many friends on internet
But only 10 he has ever met
Never looks girls right in the face He walks away in a fast pace
The social media gigolo
He’s just a loser in this
FACEBOOK generation (3x) What a way of communication
What’s wrong with the kids of today
They hardly know how to must play
They never wanna go outside
Behind laptops ‘till late at night
Iphones, Ipad or Ipod touch
Although these things cost way too much Without it they feel all alone
They gotta have one in this
FACEBOOK generation (3x) (on-line for a relation)
What a way of communication